ASIO Vision גאה להציג את מערכת ההקלטה החדשה Rodeo מבית IO Industries

ASIO Vision גאה להציג את מערכת ההקלטה החדשה Rodeo מבית IO Industries

מערכת הקלטה קומפקטית, מוקשחת להקלטת מידע גולמי ממצלמות High Performance

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ASIO Vision גאה להציג את מערכת ההקלטה החדשה Rodeo מבית IO Industries

IO Industries Launches New Video Recorder – Rodeo

IO Industries Inc., London ON, Canada, announces RodeoTM, an ultra-compact, rugged, video recorder, designed for RAW recording from high-performance video cameras. Rodeo is ideal for demanding applications such as volumetric capture, 4D face/body scanning, motion analysis and industrial trouble-shooting; and is an excellent choice for multi-camera setups.

      Rodeo Online Events   Want to learn more about Rodeo? Please attend one of our online events starting April 11th.
        Rodeo’s performance specs are impressive. Its video interface is CoaXPress 2.0, the standard popularly used in newer generation scientific and industrial cameras utilizing large format image sensors with high data rates. Rodeo’s FPGA-based lossless compression engine delivers an effective recording rate of 2 GByte/sec (camera output) to an internal SSD (up to 2TB).   When it comes to multi-camera setups, Rodeo is the perfect choice. Features include a precise multi-camera shutter and timecode synchronization with accurate timestamping. Rodeo’s 10GbE copper/fiber interface connects to a network switch for PC control and monitoring, providing the scalability required for setups with 100+ cameras. Rodeo’s SDI video output provides a secondary path for low-latency live monitoring over SDI infrastructure.   IO Industries’ StudioCap-VC application software is optionally available to Rodeo users. This software provides live video monitoring, video download, recording control and access to camera settings. An optional SDK is available for developers.   Rodeo is compatible with a broad range of cameras made by IO Industries and other camera manufacturers. Contact IO Industries for questions about camera compatibility

:Key Features

        Camera Interface: CoaXPress 2.0 (Quad CXP-3/5/6 and Dual CXP-10/12) ·       Recording Performance: 2 GByte/s camera output (assuming 18.5% compression is achievable) ·       Camera Compatibility: Cameras from IO Industries and third party manufacturers ·       Storage Media: Internal 2TB SSD ·       Control Interface: 10 Gigabit Ethernet ·       Mechanicals: 60.2 mm (W) x 62.0 mm (H) x 130.4 mm (D); 670g ·       Compatible Software: StudioCap-VC

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